Ukraine efforts to restore governance and reconciliation in eastern regions receive additional boost from the EU

May 27, 2016

The European Union grants an additional EUR 10-million financial support in a bid to strengthen the positive developments already achieved to date by UNDP-Ukraine’s programme for the “Restoration of Governance and Reconciliation in Crisis-Affected Communities of Ukraine”. The programme will focus on local government reform, gender-responsive recovery and improved service delivery. 

As first signs of success are observed in facilitating recovery, improving public services and reconciling communities with the authorities Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, the European Union today launched its EUR 10-million contribution to expand the implementation of UNDP’s Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme in the region. Sweden and Switzerland have been supporting governance and social cohesion there since 2015, complementing other recovery contributions from Japan, Poland, Czech Republic and the UK.

Originally aimed at restoring effective governance and promoting reconciliation in conflict-affected communities of Donbas, the additional funding from the European Union will enable UNDP to further contribute to peace-building and prevention of further conflict through effective and accountable decentralization and local government reform, gender-responsive recovery planning and equal access to services, as well as enhanced community security and social cohesion.

Now implemented in partnership with UN Women, the programme will put greater emphasis on establishing a reliable monitoring system, restoring critical infrastructure, spurring economic rejuvenation to boost livelihoods, supporting local authorities to coordinate recovery activities more effectively and restoring basic services with reduced corruption risks. It will also focus on improving security for IDPs and host communities and enhancing the capacity of gender equality advocates and women affected by the conflict to demand accountability and transparency in local decision-making and spending.  

Signing the Memorandum, the head of the EU Cooperation, Mr. De Groot—said “This is a comprehensive intervention to enhance capacities of communities, regional and local administration to improve service delivery, enhance security and social cohesion among communities with a focus on integration of IDPs and host communities.  This intervention complements the ongoing EU funded action in response to the security crisis in the Donbas, which including the humanitarian assistance, is well above 300 million Euros.”

UNDP Country Director, Janthomas Hiemstra, highlighted: “This additional contribution from the EU is a timely complement to the initial funding from Switzerland and Sweden, and will enable us, together with UN Women, to further address head-on the pressing issues that stand in the way of effective governance and social stability in Donbas.”

UN Women Gender Advisor, Anastasia Divinskaya, confirmed: “Integration of a gender perspective as well as of interventions specifically targeting women affected by the conflict throughout the local government reform, and in regional and local planning are critical to respond to the disproportionate impact as well as needs faced by women, particularly most vulnerable.”

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