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Putting Ideas to Work: Human Resources in UNDP

The recruitment process at UNDP is a continuous process to ensure that UNDP has the right people in the right jobs at the right time.


• Recruitment Principles

The recruitment and selection of staff members at UNDP is guided by the following six principles:

1.      Competition: Selection follows a visible and fair competitive process for all vacancies, regardless of post, contractual modality or hiring unit.

2.      Objectivity: Screening is conducted with professional rigor, with candidates measured against clearly articulated criteria, job skills and competencies and corporate priorities;

3.      Transparency: The recruitment and selection criteria and all phases of recruitment processes is transparent to staff and candidates to the fullest extent possible;

4.      Diversity: UNDP’s workforce reflects diversity and strives to include equal numbers of men and women, staff members representing as wide a geographic distribution as possible and individuals from under-represented groups, indigenous groups and persons with disabilities.

5.      Non Discrimination: Subject to the principle of recruiting staff members on as wide a geographical basis as possible, UNDP does not discriminate in its recruitment and selection processes on the grounds of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, family status or disability.

6.      Accountability: Hiring managers are held accountable both for their selection proposals and the manner in which they have followed the processes leading up to them.

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Recruitment Process

1- Online Application
Vacancies are posted on the UNDP website for a minimum of two weeks. Our online application is available at our website, and starts with the "Jobs" link under "Working with UNDP" section. We invite you to take a look at our jobs list by clicking here. If you find a job that matches your skills and interests, simply click on "Apply Online". Since we are using an e-recruitment system, ONLY online applications are accepted.

2- Screening and Interviewing
Please be aware of the following:

  • Selection criteria and competencies needed are stated in the vacancy announcement pertinent to a specific position. After the closing date, the long-list of candidates is prepared based on these competencies. Technical test results may be used as a further assessment tool. The "long list" is reviewed and the ensuring shortlist is finally prepared based on technical testing, corporate priorities, organizational needs, and holistic assessment of candidate profiles.
  • Shortlisted candidates are then invited for interviews with the interviewing panel which is usually composed of four panelists.
  • A thorough reference and background checks are conducted on the recommended candidate
  • The interview panel recommends the selected candidate to an internal committee. The latter reviews the recruitment process and ensures its transparency and competitiveness.
  • The selected candidate must provide a medical clearance before starting his or her duties
  • Due to the high volume of applications received, only shortlisted candidates are contacted.

3- Employment of Close Relatives

·      The spouse of a UNDP Staff Member or an individual engaged on a Service Contract may be engaged under SC, provided they are in no direct supervision of each other. 

·      Contracting close relatives of UNDP staff members or an individual engaged on a Service Contract (father, mother, brother, son, daughter, brother or sister) must follow the conditions stipulated in the Policy on Family Relationship.


Working for UNDP

A- Fixed Term contract 

1- Use of Contract Modality

Employed on core activities of continuing nature, within the office; activities not likely to be concluded within 3 years. For career staff, UNDP invests in individuals' training and career development. For example office staff - continuing functions, such as - finance, HR, programme, and administrative staff, and continuing secretarial functions.

2- Main Benefits

  • Base Salary: Salary surveys are based on best prevailing local conditions. Salary is determined based on position level and experience of selected candidate. The local salary scale for General Services and National Officers are published at the UN website:
  • Pension Plan: Enrollment in the United Nations Joint Staff Fund by making two contributions; the staff member' s share is 7.9% of monthly salary and UNDP share is double that share.
  • Leaves:
    • Annual leave: Accumulates at a rate of 2.5 day/month i.e 30 working days/year
    • Sick Leave: 65 days full pay per year plus 65 days half pay (in any period of 12 consecutive months)
    • Maternity Leave: 16 weeks
    • Paternity Leave: 4 weeks
  • Other Benefits: Language allowance after passing the UN language exam, Spouse and Child allowance.
  • Cigna Insurance: Staff members are covered globally under Cigna scheme for medical and dental.
  • Malicious Acts Insurance Policy (M.A.I.P): Coverage for staff member located at, or travelling to, a designated hazardous duty station subject to compliance with MAIP. The purpose of MAIP is to cover the eligible staff member for death or disability caused by a malicious act, such as war, revolution, and terrorist acts.


B- Service contract (SC- National)

1- Use of Contract Modality

Work is not part of UNDP's central core work; is within project context (NIM agency, direct execution, etc.) or in UNDP office on work that could be outsourced, but for which outsourcing is not feasible or desirable under special circumstances. It is issued for a minimum period of 6 months and maximum of one year. Renewal of an SC is subjected to performance, project duration & needs, and budget availability.

Example: Cleaning and office maintenance, driver, messenger service, computer technicians, data entry personnel, NIM and other national project personnel; and National project personnel on behalf of other UN system agencies

2- Main Benefits

·      Base Salary: Monthly remuneration rate based on the service contract scale. Local market conditions for specific job (local UN salary survey gross data as a reference point)

·      Social Benefits: 8.33% of base monthly salary is paid in lieu of pension benefits

·      Leaves:

·      Annual leave: Accumulates at a rate of 1.5 day/month i.e 18 days/year

·      Sick Leave: Accumulates at a rate of 1 day/month i.e 12 days/year

·      Maternity Leave: 16 weeks

·      Paternity Leave: 4 weeks

·      Cigna Insurance: SC holders are covered globally excluding USA under Cigna scheme for medical, dental, life, and disability (The policy covers only the contract holder and at no cost to the latter)

·      Malicious Acts Insurance Policy (M.A.I.P): Coverage for SC holder located at, or travelling to, a designated hazardous duty station subject to compliance with MAIP. The purpose of MAIP is to cover the eligible SC holder for death or disability caused by a malicious act, such as war, revolution, and terrorist acts.

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Objective of the Programme

The UNDP internship programme aims at providing a small group of students the opportunity to acquire direct exposure to development work in general and UNDP’s activities in specific areas. It is designed to complement development-orientated studies with practical experience in various aspects.

Overall format of the programme

- The duration of an internship is three to six months on the basis of full time or part time attendance (Section 16: Internship Period).
- Interns are assigned either to UNDP Country Office or its projects.
- Each intern will carry out it assignment under supervision for drafting the Terms Of Reference of the intern or volunteer.
- Upon completion of the assignment the intern is awarded, in consultation with the supervisor, with a letter of recommendation and a certificate from the UNDP Resident Representative.


- Applicants for an internship should be graduate students or holders of a first university degree or their equivalent who intend to study further in a field relevant to the UNDP work programme. Preference will be given to candidates pursuing masters’ level degree.
- Applicants should be fluent in Arabic, English or French.
- Priority is given to Lebanese applicants.

Conditions of assignment

- UNDP will not pay for the internship and all expenses connected with it.
- Each intern application should be pre-evaluated by the requesting unit/officer in order to assess the suitability of the candidates.
- Each intern assignment has to be cleared by UNDP Country Office management and communication unit.
- UNDP Country Office Beirut accepts no responsibility for costs arising from accidents and/or illness incurred during the volunteer assignment. Therefore, upon awarding an intern assignment, candidates must sign a statement to this effect.
- Interns must keep confidential any and all unpublished information obtained during the course of the internship and not publish any reports or papers based on such information except with the explicit authorization of the UNDP.

How to Apply

Complete the Application Form and send it with your CV only to HR Team.

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